What color is my aura


An orange aura is one of friendship and relationship. They get along with those all around them whether it be at home or at work. They make new friends easily.

positives include: courage, confidence, friendliness and success

negatives include: ignorance and sluggish



Sometimes you wish you could live different or not live at all.


Sometimes you wish you could be somewhere else.


Sometimes you wish you could be someone else.


Sometimes you wish you could run until you die.


Sometimes you wish you could go anywhere in the world.


Sometime  you wish people wouldn’t act like they like you.


Sometimes you wish there was someone who loved you.


Sometimes you wish people could see you of you and not someone else.


Sometimes you wish everything was okay in the world and your life.


The Shadows

I tried to get its hand off my neck but I couldn’t. The room around me started to go black. It was as if I was going blind. The next thing I know I’m lying on the floor knocked out.

I woke up on the floor of my living room in shock.I looked around the house for the shadow but I couldn’t find it anywhere. ‘’Ugh’’ is the first thing I said, Knowing that thing could and would hurt me. Has me afraid to be in this house by myself, It’s as if the happiness in the house in the house is no longer there as it was months before everything started to happen to me. It’s been a few days and I still get this feeling that something is watching me every day, It feels like it doesn’t want me to live in the house or something.My grandma always told me that things that you couldn’t see, touch, and hear that it’s not real, but these past few days have me thinking that it does not want me in the house.


What Is Your Dominant Emotion?

so I took the quiz and got this…


Anger is a powerful emotion that people feel from time to time when someone or something frustrates or annoys them.
Your dominant emotion is anger. Your colour aura is a bright red.
You tend to be angry and mad a lot. You are hot headed and many things annoy you, you wish you weren’t so annoyed all the time.

My Family Project Part 3

    Our groceries cost us $1,425.87. They cost us this much because we are a big family and it is for a week. The groceries would cost us less if we bought items on sale and use coupons.

    Our family spends $100 in clothing, $900 in dental and medical, $50 for special occasions, $700 for auto and home repairs, $50 for entertainment, $25 for household items, and $4,000 for education. The most important expenditure is the $900 for dental and medical.

    After all, our spending there is $13,297.46 left. We invest 3,000 in bonds and put $10,297.46 in a savings account. We invest in bonds because we get more money back, but we choose to put the majority in a savings account because if we need money for any reason, we can access it whenever we need to. Also, there might be an issue with our money invested in the bonds, so that’s when our savings account comes in handy.  

My Family project part 2

 My mom makes $27,205 per month. The amount of money being taken off my mom’s paycheck is $3,200.25 which gives her 24004.75. I don’t think that the government is 100% justified in taking our money because my mom worked hard for that money, and she is going to get some of that money back later in life through Medicare and other.

    We live in a $1,202 dollar a month house. The taxes are $333 and the insurance costs $80. We chose this home because it has three bedrooms, two baths, a patio, and a backyard. Though there are many more reasons the main one is because it was close to school and mom’s work. The neighborhood we live in is pretty safe, and most people make a median wage. Above all, this is a good home for my family.

  my family bought is a 2017 GMC Acadia. The $35,000 car has 310-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 (regular gasoline) engine, a sports utility body style, seats 7, and has all-wheel drive. Before we decided on this vehicle we looked at many trucks, but none of them fit five people and they used a lot of gasoline.

    Utilities are costing my family $861.42. My family chooses the cellphone with U.S. Cellular because of the plan we it provides telephones for all family members, and it provides us with the amount of data we need. We considered getting unlimited data, but it was way more expensive and we need five telephones.